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Custom Interface

The entire RMA request process is embedded into your website via a customizable interface. We work with your web designers to capture your company’s brand in a way no other retail RMA system can. The end result is a one of a kind interface that provides your customers with the experience they want and the information you need.



Customer Management

Each new interaction with a customer is logged under their history and information, providing your customer service reps with a detailed background of important past events like purchases and call history. Customers dial the same customer service number but are automatically routed to their designated service agent, allowing your customers and employees to build rapport, connections, and accountability as well as a detailed history.

Volume Management

Volume Management

Whether your business is big or small ReturnsCloud is capable of managing thousands of returns and exchanges daily. No product catalog is too complex for our solution. Kits and bundles, products, parts, and components can be separately processed and tracked in inventory so you know exactly what is in stock and what isn’t.

Smart Lable Returns

Smart Shipping

Shipment labels are generated right on your website ready to be printed and affixed to the package. All the customer has to do is put the box in the mail. Available with all major mail carriers, ReturnsCloud allows both you and your customer to follow their return or exchange online from their mailbox, to your warehouse and back.


Automated Returns

Customers generate their RMA #’s directly from your company website without ever needing to contact a customer service rep, resulting in a fast and uniform process. Having customers enter their own data saves your company time and money while automatically updating and enhancing the information in your database.

Call Center Capability

Call Center Capability

For companies who still want to handle a portion of their returns and exchanges over the phone, ReturnsCloud provides a Call Center Dashboard that allows return information, customer information, and product information, to be entered, updated, and managed in the same database as automated returns.


Intelligent Warehouses

Packages at the warehouse are scanned on arrival, immediately updating inventory and shipping status. Simple color-coded processing pages notify your workers of successful and unsuccessful scans while simultaneously preventing them from duplicating inventory. These features allow you to feel confident that your returns inventory is accurate and accounted for.

Security RMA

Advanced Security

Our customizable access rules allow you to assign different levels of security to each individual, employee, or groups of employees. If you don’t want service reps customizing refund rules, accessing certain data, or even knowing the base cost of your products, simply tell our solution what your employees can and cannot do.

Global Returns Management

Internationally Capable

ReturnsCloud is fully-capable of managing the returns of a global enterprise, if you have multiple returns warehouses across multiple countries and continents we can help. Our system is fully scalable to fit the unique needs of your business.


Multi-Channel Integration

Whether you sell your products from your company website, multiple online retail locations, brick and mortar stores, or a combination of all three, our solution is perfect for uniting your returns process into one powerful database. Coordinate and manage your RMA process on a level previously unavailable for multichannel retailers.

RMA Analytics

Enterprise Analytics

Utilizing’s powerful analytics engine makes it possible to make informed business decisions on everything from product design to personnel. See which products are returned most often, which service agent are most efficient, or even which factories lead to the most faulty or defective products. The important information you need is right at your fingertips with ReturnsCloud.