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How To Install ReturnsCloud on your Account

Make sure all objects are “deployed”

  1. Import product data
  2. Create an account for the seller
  3. Create a contact for the seller
    1. Reference the account
  4. Create an address for the shipper (2 letter state abbr.; “US” for Country, must have phone number
    1. Reference the contact
  5. Create a shipping setting
    1. Reference the address
  6. Create addresses for all shipping destinations
    1. Can reference the same contact you created for the company
    2. The company name will beomce the name on the shipping label
  7. Create shipping address settings for all shipping destinations
    1. The names of these shipping address settings will become the warehouse locations
  8. Create the public site
    1. Specify name and homepage
    2. Add VisualForce pages to site

i.     RC.RMAMasterPage

ii.     RMA Confirmation

 3.  Modify public access settings

                                               i.     Accounts RC

ii.     Contacts RC

iii.     Addresses RC

iv.     B2C Products R

v.     Images R

vi.     Messages RC

vii.     Orders RC

viii.     Order Lines RC

ix.     RMA Lines RC

x.     Shipping Address Settings R

xi.     Shipping Details RC

xii.     Shipping Settings R

9. Create Returns Cloud Settings

  1. Default S3 URLs are fine
  2. Obtain the ID of the master account
  3. Obtain the ID of the default shipping address setting
  4. Enter these IDs
  5. Enter the name of the confirmation page

i.     E.g. /apex/RMAConfirmationPage

10. Provide URL to upload images for each category, family, and defect

  1. The names of these images will be:

i.     Primary category àcategory

ii.     Classification àfamily

iii.     Return Reason picklist value à defect

11. Create accounts to be displayed in RMA Flow

  1. Check the box that says “Display in RMA Flow”